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So, what is a Marine Surveyor ???

Marine Surveyors usually come from one or more of the following three closely related career paths, education and experience. In addition, at least 5 plus years of experience working as a Marine Surveyor is required to become an Accredited Marine Surveyor.

1) Marine Engineers

This is the most common path to Marine Surveying and comes from a bachelor's degree in science with a major in Marine Engineering. Marine Engineers have experience with the structural integrity of vessels with regard to the physics of the vessel's construction including the relevant properties of the various materials used in boat building, modification and repairs. These include load / stress / strength levels for the required application. Marine Engineers also have a strong knowledge of hull and machinery deficiencies limitations and mechanics,

2) Naval Architects

Naval Architects hold a degree in naval architecture. Their experience relates to the design aspects of marine related structures and vessels. Naval architects concentrate on design areas with emphasis on hull strength and efficiency, safety and space saving technologies to maximize the use of limited spaces.

3) Shipwrights / Shipbuilders

Shipwrights or Shipbuilders have a trade qualification in ship building and have the "hands on" experience of building boats and ships. Taking the designs from the Naval Architects and the engineering principals from the Marine Engineers, they put it all together.





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